Monday, July 20, 2009

JUST IN: Nikki Reed is Not M.I.A Anymore And She Has A New BF!

Yes that's her New Boyfriend! I really was shocked when I first saw this Photo he doesnt look her type at ALL! she can do way much better! His name is Paris Latsis and he's Greek shipping heir and socialite. and he used to date PARIS HILTON! do you get my point now? but they seem so happy and if Nikki is happy so we are. Nikki is now in LA keep scrolling down to see the Photos.
The source of this information and photo is a Greek Magazine and here is a Translation of what they Wrote:

"His last relationship is the most serious he ever had. The young American actress has completely stolen his heart and they have been together for 6 months now. He claims to be madly in love with her, and has introduced her to his parents and will adapt his schedule according to the actresses schedule. In August she filming for her new movie so they will stay in Greece until the end of July and will return together in LA. Paris wants to stay with her and encourage her and because he can't stay away from her."


Here are the photos Of Nikki back in LA this Weekend, She looks a little fatter than usual!


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  1. She looks weird... like a bump! I'm not saying anything but I don't know! And what's with the shirt? Trying to be Kristen? haha At least she's alive!!