Monday, July 20, 2009

UPDATED: 12 things Robsten Have in Common

1. They Have The Same Backpack

2.They Wear The Same Wristband

3. They Both Did Biopic For Gay Artists

4. Other Actors Like To Copy Them

5. They Are Both Sexy

6. They Both Wear The Same Shirt

7. They Wear The Same Leather Jacket

8. They Both Wear The Same Hat

9. They Both Wear Ray Ban

10. They Both Wear Hoodie

11. They Both Smoke

12. They Are Both Funny

1 comment:

  1. &..they can't contain their smile when they are together..& can't help looking at each the look of love..unspoken but loud..obviously loud..action speaks louder..right?..waaaahhh..i just love them..