Thursday, October 01, 2009

Get Ready! Kristen and Nikki Reunite for K-11

Two of the effervescent leading ladies of Twilight are getting a makeover in their new film K-11 directed by Jules Mann-Stewart. Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed are set to star alongside each other once again in the highly intriguing new drama written by Kristen's mother. K-11 is the dormitory section of the Los Angeles jail where the film's setting will take place. Both beauties will transform into men who struggle for sanity and self-preservation in one of the darkest places in the LA county jail system.

Jules Mann-Stewart has been a staple in Hollywood for over twenty years as the go to script supervisor. Mann-Stewart has worked on Jack Frost, Are We There Yet? and the musical drama Repo starring Paris Hilton. K-11 will be her debut as a director and has been working on the project for a great deal of time. This will be a dark film, on the complete opposite side of the Twilight spectrum, but from the buzz alone on this film, it could quite possible be award worthy.

And here is what Kristen Stewart had to say...

Kristen Stewart told MoviesOnline, "K-11 takes place in a dorm of the LA County Jail. It's like where you go if you can't be put into general population. So it’s full of eccentric, crazy, off-the-wall characters, and me and Nikki play two of them. Jason Mewes wakes up in this place and doesn't know where he is and tries to break out for two weeks. He tries to integrate himself into the community. It's a really sweet but really screwed up little family in there."

Ehh, not to sure about this movie, but Kristen is known for this type of out-worldly films. Good luck!


-By Jen

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