Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Extras Share Their Experience On The Italy Set With Robert & Kristen!

Vanessa and Lisa are the co-founders of Novel Journeys, a company that specializes in tours to the birthplaces of famous novels. They were actually visiting Italy to do some research for a “New Moon” tour to Tuscany when they got the opportunity of a lifetime. Two of the luckiest people ever!


“They also filmed two scenes with the Porsche: one with the Porsche driving up the street and coming to a screeching halt basically in front of us… and then one of the last scenes we did was with the Porsche… on one of those trucks with the cameras in front of it.”

The ladies were privy to one of the tricks of the trade when they witnessed the compact car on a fast-moving flatbed truck to give the appearance that the Porsche was speeding down the cobble stone street. In actuality, it was the truck, not the car, that was the real safety hazard.

“So we're supposed to just shuffle around like everything is perfectly normal,” joked Vanessa. “We’re trying not to get killed by the truck racing down the street,” added Lisa.

Read the rest of the article and see the rest of the pictures HERE

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