Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twiligth Spotlight Keeps Growing!

Twilight’s cultic vampire following gains more steam as the premiere date for the sequel creeps up on our calendar. With the first film bringing in $190,465,414 domestically and projecting huge sequel success, this cash-cow series easily earned itself a third movie which is still in production. Last Tuesday stars Christian Serratos and Michael Welch were partying at the opening of a new West Hollywood club, Mi-6, and answering questions about the last movie in the trilogy.

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Here is a part from the interview;

"Being a human in a vampire movie, Christian couldn’t comment on the intricacies of playing an un-dead character, but when prompted about her character’s prep habits, “I spend about an hour in hair and makeup. I get really anxious and want to jump right into my scenes.” It’s a good thing the fame isn’t slowing her down because the final film is stocked with new characters, “Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel are really great to have on set. Everyone is so professional and nice. It’s become a really huge, fun family."

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