Thursday, September 17, 2009

Team Jacob Fan Encounter Taylor Lautner

Fan Encounter Amy VMAs

A big Taylor Lautner and Jacob Black fan managed to snag a prime spot on red carpet this past Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards! Amy, along with 10 of her friends, caught the 5 a.m. train from New Jersey with the hopes of seeing Taylor face to face. They arrived in New York City by 6:30 a.m. and began the long 12 hour wait. Here is part of the story she shared with Taylor Lautner Daily.

"......Anyway, he had to head in pretty quickly, I assume because he was presenting first, but we all gave out one more very loud "TAYLOOOORRRRR!!!" and, I swear, he looked right at me (I was screaming the loudest, I haven't had a voice for three days because of it), smiled and then waved quickly at us all again and headed in. My bestie that was next to me swears he looked at her, but I told her that on her death bed she will finally admit that he was looking at me and only me!! LOL :) Well, that's my story."

Read the rest of her story HERE

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