Saturday, September 19, 2009

Must See's For Twilight Fans

With so many means of showing our love for the Twilight Saga these days, it may be confusing as to if this really is something I'm going to keep forever. No fear a solution has arrived, has listed some of the most important things a Twilight fan can own. here are two of the things I would want to buy. Check it.

New Moon will be in theaters on November 20 of this year, but fans need to know about some essential books, DVD's, and soundtracks that either have been or are going to be released soon.

1. Twilight in Forks--The Saga of the Real Town is a sixty-minute DVD, filmed in HD, by three-time Emmy award winner, Jason Brown. This is a real life documentary of the rainiest city in the United States. This DVD gives the history, the mysticism, and the culture of Forks, Washington. Visit Forks in a way that you never could unless you were physically there.

Listen to the real Chief of Police talk about their town. Visit Forks High School. Hear how the Quileutes descended from wolves by a man who is a self-described grandfather of Jacob. A real Forks Outfitters employee talks about how she is always mistaken for Bella. Walk La Push Beach and visit many other sites.

This DVD is due out on October 15. To get more information, click here.

2. The Cafe Press site has some amazing twilight fan t-shirts. Among my favorites? This one!

Completely & Irrevocably Women's Plus Size Scoop N

Awesome? I know, read the rest of the list HERE

-By Jen

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