Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Houses of Eclipse: See the New Ones

The Cullen House seems to be changing as much as Edward's vovlo color here is reportedly the newest version of the Cullen house for Eclipse.

Also, here is a glimpse of Wolf pack Alpha Sam's house.

Report from the set:
"I have gone to this "Sam's House" and took some photos I will post at some point... but now we have this "Emily's House" rumour, and "Leah's transformation" scene and "Jacob" and "Bella" and the "wolfpack" on set...

If I didn't know who was there I would say it looks like it could have been used as the Cullen House, however, they already have a great Cullen House from New Moon so I don't see a need to change it... it just feels to big and new to be on the reserve!!! Though if it was strictly interiors and done right (movie magic) it could be anything!"


-By Jen

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