Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eclipse Filming Update: Newborns Have Arrived!

VanCity Allie has another awesome report of her account at yet another Vancouver Eclipse set! This time – the Newborns have arrived Forks! Including Xavier Samuel (aka Riley) and Jodelle Ferland (aka Bree).


I had a chance to see a new set being filmed for Eclipse… the scene where the newborns arrive in Forks. It’s a picturesque scene, with mountains and water framing the background of the shot, and a sparse unoccupied beach for the newborns to arrive on… then they disappear into the forest. The vampire newborns looked absolutely chilling, and their rugged military-like outfits along with steely, determined glares just added to the mood. Filmed early in the morning, this scene was designed to look as if it had been shot at night, possibly just after dusk or just before dawn.

Read more of her report HERE
You can also check out Malicious Mandy’s report and her pictures of this set too!

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