Monday, September 28, 2009

Ashley Greene Talks Dating in the 'Twilight' Zone

The lovely Ashley Greene covers the the October issue of 'Saturday Night' magazine and discusses how much her life has changed since becoming Alice Cullen.

ashley greene saturday night mag 02

The “Twilight Saga” star, who said she’s not in a relationship, admitted she’s not looking forward to having a boyfriend have to handle the spotlight.

“It’s amazing that people are so intrigued by who I have lunch with and whatnot. This is my thing: If I was in a relationship with someone that I really cared about, it would upset me if they speculated something about me and someone else because that other person has to read it,” Ashley said. “That’s the part which I haven’t encountered yet because I’m not in a relationship, but I’m just waiting for it — and then I’m sure I’ll hate it.”


-By Jen

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