Saturday, September 26, 2009

5 Reasons to Love Kristen Stewart

We already love our on-screen Bella Swan, but here are soem reasons to love the actress herself.

1. Strong-Willed. If anything, Kristen Stewart is strong-willed and focused on her beliefs. This refreshing attitude makes Stewart an incredible role model for women all around the world. She shows us how to be strong, how to stand your ground, and never waver on your own personal values.
2. Goofy. We are all goofy in our own way; whether we are The Class clown or the klutz we can all relate to Stewart because of this. Whether she is cracking jokes in interviews or dropping trophies at award shows, Stewart is never afraid to let her inner goof shine through which is really spectacular.
3. Intelligent. Being smart is so cool and that message is not displayed enough in Hollywood. Whenever Stewart has a chance she is always talking about her favorite books and what she is currently reading. Brining Steinbeck back to life, Stewart has made it cool to read again and that deserves major props!

Go HERE to read the last two reasons!

-By Jen

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