Friday, August 28, 2009

Summit Responds: Breaking Dawn Will Be Made Into 1 Movie??

Gossip Cop reported
It’s been a week now since new “Twilight” star BooBoo Stewart sent fans into a frenzy when he told Access Hollywood that he “heard there’s going to be three more movies” – meaning two more movies after “Eclipse” – bringing the franchise’s total to five. Author Stephenie Meyer’s book series, however, has only four installments.

A rep for Summit Entertainment, which is producing “The Twilight Saga,” responded then by saying, “We appreciate our young actor’s enthusiasm for the franchise and his role, but his comments about the number of films were unfortunately uninformed and not accurate.”

OK, so then there are only four films slated, right?

Well, yesterday a video popped on YouTube, featuring Meyer herself telling an interviewer, “I really think they have to do five movies, cause I don’t think you can do ‘Breaking Dawn’ in one movie. You have to split it up.”

So, is it four – implied by producers and in keeping with the number of books, or five – as stated by BooBoo Stewart and hoped for by the author?

Today a rep for Summit Entertainment told Gossip Cop that the final tally is still “to be decided."


  1. Well at least we have hope! One or two or three I don't care as long as they film Breaking Dawn!

  2. Isn't the title of this post a bit misleading? Summit hasn't said "one movie"...they've said it hasn't been decided. I sure hope they do the right thing and break it up into two...unless they make a 4 hour movie. I'm fine w/ either scenario.

  3. Actually it's not misleading or anything I discussed this on Twitter I said they obviously seem NOT sure what they are talking about! because when BooBoo Stewart said in an interview that breaking dawn is going to be made into 2 movies they released a statement saying that what he said is not accurate and BD is going to be made into just 1 movie! then they released this thing up here!