Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Interview With Rachelle Lefever On New Moon Set Back In May

Fandango just release this interview with Rachelle back in May on the set of New Moon

Q. Do you know what you're doing after New Moon?
No, I have a couple of things in the mix right now, but it looks like I'm gonna get to do something in between this and Eclipse, but it's a scheduling thing. Nothing is confirmed yet 'cause you gotta be available for the third movie.

Q. Have you already thought about your scenes in Eclipse?
Yeah, I've started to go back to "Eclipse" (the book) now, but I'm trying to just go all the way through New Moon without getting too much ahead of myself. I have three days (of filming) left, then it's back to "Eclipse."

Q. Do you think you're still going to lose your head?
Yeah, well, I sort of feel like you can't really change that. [Laughs] You know what's great, when we see fans a lot of the time, they have me sign certain pages. I cannot tell you how many times I've signed the page where I lose my head. [Laughs] I'm like, "Really? This is the page you want me to sign?" It's either that or the scene where we get introduced for the first time. So I'm always signing copies of "Twilight" or "Eclipse." There was a time when I knew the page numbers.

Q. How would you compare Chris Weitz's direction with Catherine Hardwicke's?
For Catherine, it was all [about] establishing everything. It was literally bringing the world to life. She's very raw. She's very high energy. Chris is much calmer and quieter. He just has a different style. Also, he's come into a world that somebody went through to bring to life. He didn't just show up and go, "All right guys—It's Chris Weitz's Twilight now." He completely respected that somebody else had laid the foundations, and he was like, "Here's where I'm going to take it within the realm of what's already been established."

Q. How will New Moon be different?
Now what you get to do is watch the real struggle. Never mind figuring out who everybody is and figuring out who the actors are in terms of what you had in your imagination versus who they cast. Now that the world is set, you get to watch a really, really, horrifically gut-wrenching love triangle and a real struggle. It's so character driven. At its heart, I really do think it's a coming-of-age story, more than just a boy-meets-girl romance—which was beautiful—but not as complicated as it gets now that Jacob is really in the mix.

Q. Is Victoria still barefoot in New Moon?
Stephenie gave permission for me to be wearing shoes because there was so much stunt work that it would have really jeopardized our safety. Stephenie always has to have a reason for everything, so there was a whole conversation about why, and if I should be allowed to wear shoes. The idea was that the barefoot thing was something they all did together—Victoria, James and Laurent. Now Victoria's on her own and she's a hunter, out for Bella. I insisted that if I wear shoes, they be like military of some kind to symbolize that I was on a mission, so I'm wearing combat boots.

Q. What's the stunt work like?
I'm 25 feet up most days. I'm absolutely terrified when I'm up there. You're like, "Wow, I don't know how I'm gonna bring myself to jump from here, this freefall leap." And then they say "action" and you just do it. Anytime I'm on the ground it's literally just running and jumping and chasing. No magic carpet this time. I've been filming the same sequence for two and a half weeks. We had a cast dinner last night, and everybody was like, "Where have you been?" I see them all the time at night but I never see them during the day. I'm like, "Oh, you guys don't know, but we're making a whole other movie in the woods, like half an hour away." [Laughs]

Q. What can you share about the underwater scenes?
I spent six hours in a pool doing all the underwater stuff. They did this amazing stunt where Bella gets caught in the tidal wave. It was incredible, because there was no CGI involved in that at all. They literally pumped 2,000 gallons of water in those massive, rectangular cargo-like containers you put on the back of trains. First they did it with the stunt double and then with Kristen's photo double. They pulled the hatch and she got pummeled with a massive tidal wave. You could literally see her spinning; they just filmed until she got spit out.

Q. Did you get to meet the wolf pack?
I met them at some of the rehearsals and a cast dinner, but I haven't really worked with them. At a group dinner, I turned around and they were all sitting together. They seem like really nice guys, and it's funny because they were instantly a pack.

Q. Do the same friendships resume when you come back to a sequel production?
Yeah, it honestly just picked up where we left off. It was a very egoless set. The thing that's a relief is that everybody stayed the same. We may be able to just walk out and get a cab whereas Rob has to do CIA evasive maneuvers to meet us at the same restaurant, but when we get to the restaurant and we sit down, everything's exactly the same.

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