Friday, August 21, 2009

Updated: Kevin Zegers aka "New Born Peter" & Stephenie Meyer on The Set Of Eclipse

so I was told from someone who works on the set that this is sure NOT Jack Huston this is Kevin Zegers who plays Jasper's new born friend!



  1. This isn't Jack Huston!!! this is definitely either Peter (Jaspers newborn friend) or another newborn vamp from Jaspers flashback. That would explain the red eyes, and not only that, Royce's hair was supposed to be blonde, it says in the book "lighter than Rosalies"

  2. well I actually don't know that's what they wrote on these photos!

  3. This has got to be someone from Jasper's past. Look at the old fashioned clothes.

  4. That's actually this local musician from Vancouver--I don't know what role he is in the movie, but maybe they got him for the flashback?

    He's in this video here: