Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here We Go Again: Robert Pattinson ENGAGED??

Aren't they gonna leave The guy alone! everyday they come up with something new and they know we won't buy their shit!
Read What Socialite Life wrote and tell me what you think!

And he's not engaged to Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed. Actually the article doesn't name who Robert Pattinson's supposed lucky lady is at all.

Allie Is Wired
reports that Robert has been dating a woman for four years and just proposed to her on her recent birthday. This is according to a snitch works with someone very close to Rob.

Here's what the source had to say: They've had an on and off relationship that became more "on" and serious over the past year. He's been afraid for her safety, which is why every single person who works with him has to sign these detailed confidentiality agreements agreeing to never talk about his personal life, and his handlers and him have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they're never seen together, and every time they are together it is set up in such great detail that you'd think it was the secret service and he was the President.

I'm not believing it for one second. So what if the cast and crew had to sign confidentiality agreements (that actually happens on pretty much every movie). That doesn't account for everyone one Rob knows personally and everyone that this unnamed woman knows.

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