Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fandango's Report On Rachelle's Replacement

They don't call it The Twilight Saga for no reason, as some major behind-the-scenes drama has developed over the past 24 hours as the franchise's third installment, Eclipse, nears the start of production later next month. It all started innocently enough when it was announced that actress Bryce Dallas Howard was replacing Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in Eclipse after the latter actress played the part for the first two films. Supposedly, Lefevre had some scheduling conflicts and so on and so forth. These things happen, right? No biggie.

Well, Lefevre wasn't having that. After the casting swap was a done deal, the gal went and sent a letter to Entertainment Weekly explaining the whole mess – telling them, in part, that she "turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules." In short, there was a 10-day overlap between Eclipse and another film she was doing, and because of that they canned her.
Now whether or not Summit Entertainment used this tiny 10-day window as an excuse to bring in a more well-known actress is yet to be seen, but after Lefevre made that move the studio countered with a long-winded press release explaining themselves. Here's a little piece of awesomeness from their statement: "Ms. Lefevre's representatives were advised as early as April that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was expected to start shooting in early August. • If Ms. Lefevre was, as she describes 'passionate,' about being part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, we feel that she and her representatives would have included us in her decision to work on another film that would conflict with the shooting schedule of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE."
If you ask me, Summit should've just called her a big fat total loser, gave her the middle finger and walked away. That would've been, like, totally rad. But seriously, is it just me or is this whole thing a little immature? She's an unknown actress and they're a major studio. Who cares why or how or whose feelings are hurt? Just show us the darn movies and be done with it!


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