Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BooBoo Stewart Life Story & His Endless Talents!

This Kid is freaking awesome he's Taylor Lautner 2.0 except with more talents!
Check out his life story and videos to see his talents at the end!

Boo Boo Stewart was born on January 21, 1994 to Nils Stewart and Renee Stewart. His full name is Nils Allen Stewart Jr. He has 3 sisters named Maegan, Fivel, and Sage. He is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Blackfoot Indian, Scottish, and Russian. He was named one of America's most talented Kids and was also featured on the show. Boo Boo is a talented actor/dancer/singer and martial artist and was inducted into the Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame and was the 2002 and 2003 Martial Arts World Champion.

Boo Boo was also a member of T-Squad (formerly The Truth Squad) a hip hop/pop group that was often seen on Disney and have toured North America, other band members consisted of dancer Jade Gilley, actress Miki Ishikawa and rapper Taylor McKinney (aka Kid Karizz). They released their first self titled CD in April 2007.

His acting work includes playing 'Donald' in the horror movie 666: The Child in 2006 but before that he appeard in the films Yard Sale (2004), Pit Fighter (2005), The Conrad Boys and 18 Fingers of Death! (2006) The Last Sentinel and Uncle P (2007). He plays 'Young Chance' in The Fifth Commandment(2008) and will also appear in American Cowslip(2009) where he plays 'Kerry' a young rebel and as 'Jeff Wincott' in Dark Games (2009).

On TV he has appeared on the hit Everybody Hates Chris, Blue Dolphin Kids, Dante's Cove. ER, Big Time and the TV film Skeleton Man. The multi-talented Boo Boo has also done stunt work in such films as the movie Beuwolf where he is a stunt double. Other stunt work was in the films Zoom, Pit Fighter, The Kings of Babylon and Skeleton man.


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