Monday, August 10, 2009

Updated: 14 seconds of New Moon Trailer Will Be Shown Tomorrow

Summit Entertainment just reported:

There will be 14 seconds of preview footage footage for the
teaser trailer and it will be available, due to high demand, tomorrow at
9am EST/6am PDT!

I will be uploading the Video of the 14 seconds trailer here so keep checking tomorrow.

Buy tickets to Bandslam and get a sneak peek of an exclusive new trailer for New Moon, which can only be seen in theaters.

PS: The New Moon Trailer shown with Bandslam on Aug 14th will be shown every time with it until the movie is out of theaters!


  1. Where can we watch the 10 second "snippet" at?
    please,please, tell us where we can watch it...

    one more question, will the trailer be played at every preview of the movie BANDSLAM or they are just going to show it on august 14?!

  2. so we can only see the WHOLE trailer if we go see band slam..?