Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twi-con Convention Coverage "Photos +Review"

Our Friend Ali Halbmaier was at Twi-Con and took lots of photos of the cast and she also wrote a Review of the cast, she says that Peter Facinelli smells like Sex and Chocolate! keep scrolling down to read all her review.

So, Kris and I arrive late to the event, and only caught the tail end of Giel Birmingham (billy black)'s Q&A. He ended up playing the guitar. Initially, he was asked if he could play, but he said he didn't have a guitar. So some random girl comes running in from the back with one and suprises him one. He was VERY good.

the convention was a lot of hurry up and wait. Run from your seat and get in line for photo ops with the actors, only to have to wait at least a half hour before the actor is even brought into the room. Both Gil and Peter went back to their rooms after their Q&A's.

Gil looks a lot younger in person than he does on film. When we finally got up to his table for his autograph, we had been waiting a good 2.5 hrs and were starting to complain because everyone was beyond tired at this point. He heard and apologised and ended up doing photos with us to make up for it.

Peter. Peter Facinelli- yum. I swear the man smells of Chocolate and sex. it was sinful! I actually asked him what cologne he uses, but he couldn't remember, and that he wasn't sure he wanted to tell me either - wanted to keep his smell to himself.

So during his Q&A, he was asked everything from if he liked his look as Dr. Cullen to if he had any problems in his RV. I seriously can't go into everything he said becuse it was too much and he was kind of long winded with his answers. At the end, it was announced that they were out of time but Peter said he woudl take more, which is why everything ran long. He's such a sweet guy. Came into the audience and invited people onto stage to ask their questions.

By the time we got up to Peter for his autograph, he was being rushed so he could get to the airport on time. Found out this am that he missed his flight. poor guy!

The Hillywood Crew. I think the best part about the night was when Kris and I were waiting in line for photos with Peter (i think.) this girl behind us was in a wheelchair. The Hillywood crew came over to suprise her and she started crying. It was sweet and they were very nice to her. Peter and Billy both did photos with this girl and signed her shirt as well.

The Bella Cullen Project - the girls are tone deaf i think because they cannot sing for shit. They were doing their rehearsal for the concert while we were waiting for Gil Birmingham's autograph. Seriously, I thought my ears were going to bleed.

Overall: Overall, it was a fun experience. It could have been done a lot better though, because the majority of the time you're sitting and waiting, and you can only listen to the soundtrack and score so many times before you start to go crazy.

Thanks so much to Ali for sharing this with us.

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