Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Truth Behind Kristen Stewart Pregnancy

First I really wanna thank Ted and E! Online for clarifying everything about that matter here what Ted wrote about that matter.

More info for you concerned Robsten fans about the alleged spawn of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The Internet has been blowing up about NW Magazine's report of a preggers K Stew, and the reps of the two stars have stayed super mum—which has worried many of you out there.

Rob's camp tells thelondonpaper, "we don't comment on anything like that," while there has been no on the record word, either, from Kristen's people.

So what is the official unofficial word from a super well placed Kristen source?

"It is a nonsense made-up story from an Australian tabloid with no merit," says an astonishingly in-the-know Stewart confidant.


Did any of you really buy it, anyways? We didn't. And we said so. There's just no way Kristen would seriously pop out a kid right now, sorry. With her career on fire and boy/girl drama up the ying-yang, K has enough on her plate right now. Besides, she' no tabloid-baited finagler, Lindsay Lohan or Eva Longoria she's not.

We're told even sources over at Summit didn't break a sweat over the mini-Robsten rumors:

"Of course the studio heard about it, but it's not worth their time. They knew there was no chance Kristen would be having Rob's kid. It didn't faze them."

So there you have it,folks. Anyone prepping to send Kristen even more hate mail can put their pens down. There is no pregnant Kristen Stewart. Not now, anyway.

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