Thursday, July 02, 2009

Taylor Lautner Is Losing The Ladies To Robert Pattinson

Social Life Wrote

Poor Taylor Lautner, not only does he lose Bella to Edward in Twilight, but it seems that he lost rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez to Robert Pattinson too.

A source tell the National Enquirer that Selena would even hang out with him unless he was single, so he dumped his high school girlfriend, Sara Hicks, just to get to Selena. Then after a few months of dating, Selena admitted that she had a thing for RPattz and asked Taylor to "put in a good word for her."

Ever since, Taylor has reportedly been branded "despearte and dateless", while RPattz has the ladies continously attacking him. You know, I understand the whole "OMG! I WANT A VAMPIRE!" thing, but maybe someone should try the shapeshifter out. And yes, Jacob Black is a shapeshifter, not a wearwolf.

Maybe once Selena and Robert get together, Taylor can date their daughter. Anybody? I personally blame Selena Gomez for all this trouble. Such a Bella thing to do, tell one guy you love him, then go date the one all the girls are after.

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