Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A SeparateVolturi Movie? Interview With The Volturi Human: Justine Wachsberger aka Gianna

Dead Central interviewed Justine Wachberger aka the Volturi Human Gianna, she's talking about landing the part of Gianna and she also says that there might be a separate movie for The Volturis

“I still can’t believe how everything has come together for me in such a short time,” said Wachsberger. “I always worked hard but had no idea just how lucky I’d be so early on in my career.”

It was soon after she landed the part in Sorority Row that Wachsberger auditioned for the next chapter in the Twilight Saga, New Moon and landed the role of Gianna, a human who works for a vampire clan called the Volturi (based in Italy). Throughout the Twilight stories, the Volturi play an essential part to the Bella/Edward story – and in a world where humans are not supposed to be aware that vampires exist, Gianna is one character that proves to be the exception.

“I actually liked the books but I wasn’t a crazy fan of Twilight when I got the role of Gianna,” explained Wachsberger. “I just knew though that I would be lucky to be part of such a huge franchise because I know what these stories mean to the fans.”

Wachsberger added, “Gianna was a really interesting character to portray for me. She’s human and has a lot going for her but decides to work for the vampires. You don’t really know much about her motivations and that adds a lot of mystery to her, which I really loved.”

In terms of future projects, Wachsberger is just keeping her options open and looking at expanding her resume beyond genre films. However, the actress hints that she’d definitely love to return to the world of the Twilight vampires and may get the opportunity.

“I know there’s been some talk about having the Volturi spin off into its own film separate from the Twilight series and I think that would be really cool. I think Gianna definitely has her own story to tell,” Wachsberger said.

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  1. not the way i imagined her to be ... i thought she looked older and darkhaired?? lol..
    im not interested in a V-movie .. i want a book on the earlier life of the cullens instead.. more detailed ...