Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Robsten Secret Hookup?

Our Favorite Ted.C Says that a source confirms that Rob and Kristen Were "Together" at comic-con last weekend. and that Rob was suppose to stay in san diago until he heads back to NYC but he chose to head back to LA with Kristen!
Here is what Ted Wrote

Looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are better actors than some of you give them credit for.

After plenty of awkward interaction at Comic-Con last week, it was almost too obvious that Rob and Kristen were being told to stay the hell away from each other.

So how did Robsten spend some much deserved free time Wednesday night before their crazy day on Thursday?

We hear from well-placed sources that Rob and Kristen were "together" Wednesday night, happy at last, on the 11th floor of the ├╝ber-hip Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

"They were so private," dish our in-the-know eyes. "They were hardly seen by anyone. Their people made sure of that. But [Rob and Kristen] were there. They had a secret entrance to the hotel and everything."

Well, we were at the Hard Rock, too, and we can assure you all Robsten was nowhere to be seen in any of the common areas.

"Who knows their specific sleeping arrangements, but [Rob and Kristen] were on the same hotel floor."

Too dee-lish. And remember how we told you Rob was given a bit of a break before heading back to New York to finish filming Remember Me? He was supposed to stay down in San Diego Thursday night, too, but instead, Rob decided to head back up to L.A. early...with Kristen!

The San Diego airport is literally 10 minutes from the H.R. hotel. That's why Rob flew straight into S.D. Wednesday from NYC. Couldn't possibly imagine why he would choose to depart out of LAX instead and spend the weekend up in smogville.

Interesting there are no pics of either Rob or Kristen over weekend. Let's hope they were super secret together, just like they were in S.D.

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