Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Robert Pattinson is THE Next Johnny Depp

I Totally Agree With Ted, Rob is THE next Johnny Depp NOT the next Brad Pitt and it does'nt have to do any thing with me Not loving Brad but Johnny is so much more talented than Brad and has this thing about him that attract people even though he doesn't have a Hollywood style look!

Here is Ted This week Bitch Back:

Dear Ted:
Do you think that after all the Twilight movies Robert Pattinson will be able to do anything else? Part of me says yes he will because he's such a talented actor, but the other part says that people will only see him as Edward Cullen. What do you think? I mean, how does he become this generation's Brad Pitt?
—All Smiles

Dear Future Rob:
Yes, he will certainly be able to do other work. Even if he weren't talented, suits know how much publicity he'll give to a film. Think less Brad Pitt, more Johnny Depp, though.

Dear Ted:
Bravo my friend, bravo. Well done, well said, good job and all that comes with. Your "Is Cheap Robert Pattinson" post was true genius. Too bad so many of your posters got stuck on the "tipping" part of it. They didn't see the real meat of the 3P theory, did they? Rob is a good guy all around. You don't have to know him personally to see that. It shows, very obviously, in the way he conducts himself. I am very glad that Kristen Stewart has him. They are both very, very fortunate to have a love that many search for and never find.

Dear Pattz Preacher:
Amen, darling. And maybe after this week's big Comic-Con meeting, Kristen's fan woes will finally vanish for good.

Dear Ted:
Where are you? Good scoop on the R.Pattz tip, but Perez Hilton just posted a New Moon "new" still. Please tell me you are holding back because you have even better pictures and scoop.
—B Scott

Dear Bitch, Please:
The still's been passed around everywhere babe—it's no exclusive Perez pic. I don't want to jump on every New Moon post just because it's there. I saw no heat in the Taylor Lautner-Kristen gaze anyway, did you?

Dear Ted:
You have finally lost a reader, Ted. I am sick of you saying there is jealousy with Kristen! Why does everyone think that not liking a celebrity equals jealousy? Are you jealous of Jennifer Garner? You don't like her! Kristen is rude in interviews and completely obnoxious! (Since when does being rude and not answering interviewers' questions equal cute?) She makes fun of her fans (backtracks later) and doesn't seem to be grateful for anything! If she is so uncomfortable, get out of Hollywood! I'm sick of her poor-pitiful-me routine. Rob has lost all appeal being with her. Period! What's sad is that you and the rest of your legion of worshippers will defend her again, while she laughs at you all the way to the bank!

Dear What's Hate Got to Do With It:
I think you're jealous of Kristen (at least as much as you need to tone down the exclamation points, sheesh, and I thought I overused those babies).

Dear Ted:
Why must you tease your readers about Robsten? I don't see how Rob not paying a 10 percent tip relates to him taking the heat off of Kristen? "Comic-Con will be quite telling of what's to come." Was he out with another girl on this dinner date, is this why Kristen would have the need to "repay him?" I think surely if these two are an item as you have led us to believe, her love would be enough of a payment. You are a very frustrating man, Ted. Handsome, but frustrating! If they are having "issues," Kristen just might not go due to Runaways or conflict with scheduling.

Dear Don't You See?
All I'm saying is that Rob might be being unintentionally "bad" to take some of the unfair judgment over Kristen's sometimes unsavory ways. Don't read too much into it, babes, it's just a fun little thought, no?

ear Ted:
Thank you so much for all of your Robsten info. I love it; it gives me something to look forward to since they are keeping New Moon stuff so quiet. I was wondering, is MTV going to do any New Moon Mondays (or whatever) like it did last year with Twilight Tuesdays? It seems it isn't pumping it up or out like last year. I used to get up on Tuesday so excited. It gave me something to look forward to! Keep up the good work on the Robsten info!

Dear Daily Dose of Dirt:
I hope so! But I'm more concerned about what they'll call the Eclipse days, since the alliteration just won't fly.

Dear Ted:
All the rags are talking about Rob hooking up with Emilie de Ravin, but suppose Kristen decides she would rather be with Joan Jett?
—Mystical Mama

Dear Wow:
Well, then that would certainly qualify as one of the more shocking bits of dirt on my desk, now wouldn't it?

Dear Ted:
I am hoping the Robsten reunion at Comic-Con is as cute and cuddly as your new puppy. Any chance the big surprise could involve a direct or subtle Robsten outing? I know you think it won't happen until after Breaking Dawn or they are caught off guard, but I am hoping sooner. Wouldn't it take some of the intense pap scrutiny off?
—Robsten Romantic

Dear Comic-Con Forecaster:
Sure, there's a chance. Don't know how big it is, but that's where the excitement is coming from!

Dear Ted:
You are da man! I started out hitting your site for Robsten news, but I'm falling under your spell. Handsome, funny and smart. Who needs Rob, anyway? Congrats on your newest family member. I have two shelter dogs myself, and I heart you for speaking on their behalf. Keep the gossip coming. I'm having fun!

Dear You:
If you're having fun, I'm having fun.

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering, exactly how steamy is Breaking Dawn going to get? Like, almost NC-17 rated or rated R?

Dear Not That Steamy:
While I would love an R-rated Breaking Dawn, Summit would never make it so hot as to exclude half of its entire audience segment.

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