Monday, July 20, 2009

Report+Photos from London Film And Comic Con

Twilight treasury attended The London Film & Comic Con where Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz and Justin Chon were there. Here are there report and photos from the event.

When we thought we could cope with some more Facinelli, we headed over to the autograph queue and got in line with our photos we wanted signed. Once we got to the front we approached the table, and handed over the pictures. The mean lady sat next to him said I was only allowed one thing signed, but Peter remembered me from our previous encounter and argued with the lady, saying " These guys are on my team" and signed both photos for me. Once again that was enough, but then in pure gentlemanly fashion, he said thank you to us again, took my hand in his, looked into my eyes ( I nearly died) and kissed it. The mean woman broke it up, and told us to move along, and that was the end of that! 2 kisses from Peter Facinelli in one day is enough for any girl, any more and he would have been picking me up off of the floor!

We mooched about for the rest of the day, checking out the auction and various other things that took our interest. Due to the credit crunch we had to stick to watching Justin Chon and Alex Meraz from afar, but it was obvious for all to see that they were very sweet with everyone who approached them. Alex made a point of hugging everyone very tightly and thanking everyone for coming to see him. We just kind of stared at his arms for quite a while. I am looking forward to seeing him semi dressed in New Moon more than ever!


Peter Facinelli has 'Edward envy' - He wishes that he could play Edward, Carlisle comes in at number 2.

Alex was asked whether we will see him transform in New Moon. He said that, yes we would see him transform in the movie and that he had to 'wiggle and shake' about ( he did a little demonstration) for the beginning of the change into werewolf form.

Alex decided while on set, that Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), needed to learn how to throw a punch. Whilst being taught, Kiowa managed to break Alex's nose! He said it's now not as straight as it used to be!

Alex originally auditioned for 'Sam', but played out the scene in such an angry way, that he was cast as the more temperamental 'Paul'.

They all love their fans, with Alex saying that he can't believe people are so enthusiastic about him, when New Moon hasn't even been released yet.

Justin would like a little action in the movies, but he loves playing Eric. If he could choose though, he would play a vampire.

Alex would choose werewolf over vampire any day. He wouldn't like to be 'pasty faced'.

They squeezed as many questions from fans in as possible, with Peter playing the role of MC. Each person was invited up to the stage to ask their question, and one lucky lady got to sit in Peter's chair whilst receiving a shoulder massage from Justin.

Read the compete report HERE
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