Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mike Welch Talks About Working With Rob And Chuck Norris

Celebuzz Caught up with Micheal Welch and He talked about working with Rob and Chuck Norris:

Who smells better? "Robert Pattinson...he smells like heaven."

Who has a better beard? "You gotta go Chuck Norris with the beard. Nothing beats that thing."

Who looks better in tight jeans? "That becomes a matter of taste at that point because you can’t beat Walker in a tight pair of pants, but Rob… I guess I gotta go with Rob [laughs]."

Who'd win in a fight? "I have to go with Edward Cullen, although you know Walker was pretty invincible, but I don’t think that Walker’s fractured slow-mo could save him against Edward. In fact, in real life Rob’s no slouch in the ring. He could take somebody, but Chuck, I don’t quite think so."

Article From Celebuzz

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