Monday, July 06, 2009

Kristen Stewart Is NOT PREGNANT!

STOP this freaking SH*T the girl is NOT pregnant. and you can tell the photos are photoshoped!!! and Kristen is smoking her ass off everyday!
This what this funking magazine said:
Well, this is a delightful, unlikely-to-be-true rumor. New Weekly is claiming that Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Robert Pattinson's baby
. The magazine reports that the star took a pregnancy test that a friend purchased for her, in order to avoid raised eyebrows from the paparazzi, and found out last week that she's expecting.

The spy says, "When she worked out she was late, she obviously started to thinking that she could be pregnant. And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father."
How Ridicules this Sh*T is!!

Social Life Wrote:
That's absolutely ridiculous. Vampires can't get people pregnant. But seriously, I'd actually slow down and possibly consider this little piece of gossip if I suddenly noticed Kristen had stopped smoking like a chimney.
Dlisted Wrote this hilarious comment with Title " NW IS TRYING TO KILL KSTEW"
Australian tabloid NW (aka The Bible of Truths) is in SHOCK, because Kristen Stewart has a BABY!!!! in her womb. And the BABY!!! belongs to the Unicorn Forest Prince himself...RPATTZ! Their proof? They think Kristen's Bud and bud bloat is actually a baby bump! Also, some source (aka the NW intern who was chilling out with the stoned wallabies at lunch) claims Kristen asked a friend to buy her a pregnancy test at the drugstore, because she didn't want to be photographed with that shit in her hand. Kirsten suspected she might be knocked up when her monthly batch of menstrual berries weren't delivered to her vagina dock.

Kristen is in danger girl, because the mob of crazed horny Twitards will get her for this. Kristen's only supposed to be pregnant in fake life! Their the ones who are supposed to have RPattz's babehs in real life. Not Kristen! That's just fake life. That's not real!!!!

The only way we'll know if Kristen is in fact pregnant is if a rhinestone-encrusted baby eats its way out of her stomach.


  1. That pic of the girls stomach isnt even KS! My gos this is absurd!

  2. gay! shes not pregnant and if she is how will a magizine post in AUSTRALIA kno?
    the ppl who started this areny even on the same continent!!!! 4 god's sake

  3. ermmm look at the face no way is tht KStewart!!!