Friday, July 24, 2009

Full Description Of The Two Scenes Showed At New Moon Panel


- the first one was when Bella gets on the motorcyle for the first time. Bella gets on the bike, Jacob is adjacent to her. He’s teaching her how to clutch and hold the breaks. As she starts to understand he lets go. He tells Bella to let off the clutch, when all of a sudden you see ghost Edward reach down and clutch one of the handles on the bike. Bella reacts and Jacob says “What’s wrong?”. Bella replies “nothing” and gets rolling. When Bella is riding there are flashes of Edward. She crashes, starts to bleed, and then Jacob takes off his shirt to stop the bleeding.

- the second one goes right into the chase. Bella is twitching and freaking out the entire time while Alice is driving with a scarf on her head. They zoom past lots of red cloaked figures. Bella wonders what’s up and Alice explains it’s St. Marcus Day. Bella gets stopped multiple times to find the clock tower. She stops at the water fountain and finally sees Edward. She scrambles, and sees Edward between two huge doors. His shirt is slightly unbuttoned. You see Bella run with full force in slow motion. She does a heroic jump when she leaps into the fountain while yelling “No Edward don’t! No!”. You see a shot of Edward’s foot and a bit of sunlight. As his foot gets just an inch away from the sun light, it suddenly cuts to “NEW MOON”.

Director Chris Weitz and stars Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene were on the panel and answered lots of questions from the audience. Chris Weitz commented on the feel of the movie: “The book expands massively from the first to the second. So the key thing was to keep that all cohereent and faithful to the book. To make something grand and beautiful out of this book.”

You can read more quotes right here courtesy of G4TV who live-blogged the event. We’ll update with pics and other reports as soon as we have them!

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