Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bella's Truck To Be Rented Out For Charity

This Girl's parents surprised her by given her Bella's Twilight Truck and she decided she is going to rent it out for charity.

This seventeen year old's "parents surprised Biegert with the keys to the red Chevy pickup truck featured in the movie."

According to WSAV,

Biegert is definitely showing it off, for a good cause.

“So I wanted to raise money for charity by having people have this truck at their events or taking pictures with it or making a grand entrance. People will pay to have a star of ‘Twilight’ be a part of their event.“

All the proceeds will go to Biegert’s favorite charities. And besides a date with the star himself, having this truck is the best piece of memorabilia she could ask for.

“I know people that haven’t been as fortunate and haven’t had the daily luxuries we have had. I love helping children.“

By Twilight Examiner

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