Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Cover Inspire Magazine

Inspire Magazine Wrote

It’s already known to be difficult to break free from the public image of yourself as a child star, as explained in “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Stars.” However, two of Hollywood’s actresses have been proving their audiences wrong as they star together in the new film prior to the Saga about sexy vampires and love-hungry teenage girls, New Moon.

Dakota Fanning, 15, and Kristen Stewart, 19, are once again, topping the charts and splashing the internet with their faces. The two teenagers, Dakota and Kristen are known for their first big hits which include, Dakota in I Am Sam, and Kristen in The Panic Room. As Kristen continues to star as the damsel in distress in the Twilight series, she will be in the eye of the public and on every cover of a magazine. Along with Dakota arm in arm, who now portrays a treacherous vampire in New Moon, the two may be inseparable this year and the next.

Upon completing New Moon that was set in Canada and Italy, Kristen and Dakota are not pulling on the breaks just yet. With another movie rolling in, Kristen and Dakota are working hard. In 2010, their new movie called, “The Runaways,” which is based on a punk-rock 70’s band, will be released. The band consists of 5 glamorous girls whom rocked their instruments and flipped the world around in a short 4 year span. Kristen, who will be playing the role of Joan Jett, is the guitarist and vocalist in the film, and Dakota, who will be playing Cherie Currie, is playing the keyboard and will also singing. Currently, the two girls can be seen around Los Angeles making trips for their film. Immediately completing their first movie together, they began to attend voice lessons and do readings for their new project. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see the expansion of the girls’ careers. Fanning, who made it to the television screen at just a few years, earned her big break playing the daughter of Sean Penn in the heartbreaking film, “I Am Sam.” Her big blue eyes stole the screen and from there, she became a phenomenon. Many children end their acting careers with just one big hit, but Fanning’s career escalated with success. She then appeared in various films, usually portraying a lead, with big named actors including Dynzel Washington, Reese Whiterspoon, Tom Cruise, Brittany Murphy, Chris Evans, and even Queen Latifah. Every new role she is challenged with brings out the best of Fanning as can be seen through the audience’s eyes. She has a sweet smile and bewitching talent that no one can resist.

Stewart, the one girl every teen wishes to be. She had a typical break through as she was discovered at a school play and soon after, Stewart booked various commercials and a movie with Jodi Foster. Playing the young diabetic daughter of Jodi, she shone through the screen as a teen with potential of becoming the next big thing. Although she reeled in thousands of fans across the oceans, it was the Twilight movie that caused a commotion. Stewart stars as Bella Swan, a typical American teenager who just happens to be in love with a blood thirsty vampire. Shortly after the announcement of her booking, the paparazzi came chasing and the fans came hugging. Despite both of the girls’ tremendous fame, their getaway still remains the same – home. They are unusually grounded, which makes us love them even more! Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart are ready to rock 2009 and 2010, so remain in your seats for the time of your lives.
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