Monday, June 29, 2009

How Far Summit Will Go? NOW: Vampire Make up?!!

How far Summit will go to have more money from the Twilight Saga??!! now they created a vampire make up! that sure will SURE sell out the minute it hits the market more money anyone?
Thumbs up for Summit.

Here is a part from StyleList article

Stephenie Meyer's book series and the "Twilight" film saga have inspired a range of beauty products.

You were probably as enraptured as I was by the vampires' sparkly skin, flushed cheeks and juicy lips (especially Edward Cullen's).

Talk about blood red! LunaTwilight lipstick. Photo courtesy of Twilight Beauty
So it's beyond fitting -- and frankly, brilliant -- that the phenomenon has spawned Twilight Beauty, which consists of two collections.

Creating the movie-tied makeup is Cristina Bartolucci, famous for her innovative beauty brand, DuWop. (Lip Venom ring a bell?)

Word is there will be a special "Twilight" edition of the cult-favorite lip plumper with one half of the tube's vial's contents resembling blood.

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