Friday, June 26, 2009

Cracked Building on set of Remember Me!

Robert Pattinson has definitely been suffering his fair share of brushes with danger while filming Remember Me in New York.

First the Twilight hunk was forced into the path of a moving cab by an unruly mob of fans.

And now, it's been reported, the production of the movie was halted on Wednesday after a crumbling building caused chaos on location.

Firefighters rushed to the scene after a crack in the wall of an older building widened at the film's downtown Manhattan location, triggering warning alarms that were set up to monitor the damage to the building. As five fire engines and a crew of 20 firefighters crowded into the area, production was forced to a halt while cast and crew looked on with bated breath.

"It's causing a hold-up for the shoot," said a source on the scene. "We can't get anything in or out of here."

RPattz, at least, seemed unrattled by the chaos.

"Robert was concentrating on his scene," says a witness. "But most of the crew were staring nervously at the crack in the building and talking about whether it will fall down or not."

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